MangOH Yellow - Building App

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build the app here and run it on my mangOH Yellow.

I have leaf installed and I’ve run through the whole process at the end of the getting started guide here.

In my environment, I’m in the mangOH/apps/YellowOnBoardActuators directory and I’m getting:

YellowOnBoardActuatomkapp -t wp77xx leds.adefors/
/home/nick/mangohws/mangOH/apps/YellowOnBoardActuators/components/outputActuator/Component.cdef:10:15: error: Couldn't find file 'io.api'.

I feel like I’m probably doing something basic wrong here. Can anybody help me out?


Might have created a thread too soon, I got it figured out after some more playing around and reading. Some of the examples in the apps directory have Makefiles in them which are helpful to see the usage of the mkapp command.


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