mangOH Yellow BT/WiFi module


I understand that the Yellow will have a Cypress BT/WiFi module. We are interested in doing some prototyping before this module becomes available. Does anyone know what currently available Cypress module is most like the one on the Yellow?


@pinst It looks like the module is actually from USI and is using the Cypress CYW43364 see here


Thanks for the reply, looks like they are combining the CYW43364 with some Bluetooth chip, we’ll find out more in September. :grinning:


What details are you looking for ?


We would like to start development of a Bluetooth application using the Talon/TI IoT card and migrate to the mangOH Yellow when available. The issue is will the interfaces look the same, i.e. HCI and Bluetooth stack (e.g. Bluez), so that the application may be migrated easily.