mangOH VM: to update, or not to update - that is the question


When I start the VM, it tells me that updates are available:

should I update?



Don’t update. The VM is only use to build/develop legato apps.
I only update the repo for legato and mangoh build.



Yes, that was the conclusion I came to after posting.



The first thing I do when creating an updated version of the mangOH VM is to apply the latest OS updates. Of course additional OS updates are likely to be published after I post the VM on So you can update and it’s relatively unlikely to break things, but it’s not strictly necessary to update.


Could you set the ‘don’t prompt for updates’ option … ?


And add Azerty keyboard / French language :grin::grin:

It will be great ( only move French for me to start with azerty keyboard without install new language)


@Francis.duhaut Ha ha -see: mangOH Red VM - keyboard layout