mangOH VM feedback



We are about to release a VM (March 16) that will allow you to build for WP85,WP75, WP76,WP77 modules. You will only need to execute a 3-5 commands to build for the module of your choice.
However, we would like to get your feedback on:
a. The process
b. Tricks that might help build inside the VM faster

I need a few volunteers, please send me a message.




Great news! I’ll be happy to test/compile/help as long as it does not involve too many linux commands :=)



Thanks, we have a couple of developers interested to give feedback. We will send you the VM individually early next week and hold a hangout to quickly go over how to use it. The hangout itself should take < 30 minutes.


Hey Ashish,

This may be off topic, but I’m curious: have you guys considered putting the MangOH/Legato build environment into something like a Docker container? I believe this to be a desirable solution for a few reasons:

  1. Excellent build portability with a much smaller footprint than an entire VM (especially building in the cloud)
  2. Developing within a VM can be a poor developer experience (visual slowdown, multi monitor problems, etc). To solve some of these issues, I’ve been interacting with my VM exclusively over an internal virtual network using SSH and AFP, but something like Docker could simplify this a lot.
  3. Good VM software can be really pricey. I had such a miserable time with VirtualBox (macOS version is essentially un-usable) that I bought a VMware licence.

Cheers and thanks for all the excellent work!


will it allow us to build Legato-Dist and make complete custom images?
will it allow us to do standard bitbake program commands
will it automate the creation of a custom-firmware.spk
will it include building legato inside the yocto tree
will it allow us to upgrade the various pieces needed from your legacy apps, like boost, cmake, gcc
does it include a newer gcc?
does it include a newer kernel ? 3.14 ? Really?
will it allow us to share via git a tree multiple devs can work on ? doubtful
can i show you all how this should be done without breaking down the whole Legato-Dist, which you have literaLLY forced UPON US…
now we have to email each other changes… COMPLETLY REDICULOUS… and Yes, Ive got a ton of feedback for you. PLEASE put it in a GIT REPO… so it can be cloned by many


Hey @dingo,

The lovely people of this forum and Sierra Wireless have a lot of work to do for a lot people like us, so please be polite and empathetic. I totally understand there are some hiccups here and there in the MangOH/Legato ecosystem, but this will only get better if we work together courteously.

Maybe it’s worth making a new thread to discuss some of these problems. I’m sure many community members (myself included) will be able to offer some potential solutions and advice.



@nick hate to say it but empathy doesnt get you to production, the questions were viable, the feed back is what they asked for, your reading into a tone that doesnt exist. Im simply looking at this from a business case, making us jump through hoops this way to build products is not a way to bring a device to market. trust this, Ive been there time and time again, and Im fervent in belief that the board itself is and can be a great player in the space it targets, but many will run when they see the amount of difficulties that are encountered in getting products based on it to market. Id champion a win for the mango however they have not made it easy, and Id be pretty sure due to their “re-envisioned” changes to Yocto itself, they have simply made it that much harder for me to recommend it for a project again, even though i want to, i simply cant. and if you hunt around a bit youll see ive made plenty of suggestions, which have been readily accepted… Dont read any tone into my words, because there is none. I am simply stating the facts. Id love to help, and they already know it.


@nick thanks for your comments and providing your feedback.
@dingo I can understand and empathize with your comments as well. The request for features does make sense and I will use this post to bring visibility to upper management.


Here is the link to the VM:


We are supporting release 15 WP8548, release 8 for WP76,77

Note that by default the mangoh update files are built and stored in this folder:

you need to do the following:

a. cd ~/mangOH
b. cfglegato
c. update ~/mangOH/build/update_files/red/(chose the update file you want)

if you want to build all the update files again from ground up:
a. cd ~/mangOH
b. make
c. cfglegato
d. update ~/mangOH/build/update_files/red/(chose the update file you want)

if you dont want to build for a specific module:
a. cd ~/mangOH
b. make red_wp76xx or LEGATO=0 make red_wp76xx (if you dont want to rebuild Legato)
c. cfglegato
d. update ~/mangOH/build/update_files/red/(chose the update file you want)


I did this update from scratch. Everything seemed to work ok. I am just now getting started with mangOH red. I tried to run the redSensorToCloud and am not getting any data on the Air Vantage site. I verified the chip has data access according to the getting started docs. This is what is currently running. Anything missing?
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# app status
[running] atService
[running] audioService
[running] avcCompat
[running] avcService
[running] cellNetService
[running] dataConnectionService
[stopped] dataPushTest
[running] dataRouter
[running] devMode
[stopped] drTool
[running] fwupdateService
[running] gpioService
[running] ledService
[running] modemService
[running] mqttClient
[running] portService
[running] positioningService
[running] powerMgr
[running] redSensorToCloud
[running] secStore
[stopped] smsInboxService
[stopped] socialService
[stopped] spiService
[stopped] tools
[stopped] voiceCallService
[stopped] wifi
[stopped] wifiApTest
[stopped] wifiClientTest
[running] wifiService
[stopped] wifiWebAp


what do you see when you do:
logread -f

IS your device registered to AV?


Yes, I registered my device with AV. I have verified that sending texts work,but data is not working. I am using ATT firmware, but I might try the generic firmware version. Something is wrong in the data connection, so I will investigate that further.

this is my cm data output:
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm data
Index: 1
APN: Broadband
PDP Type: IPV4
Connected: no

When I try a cm data connect I get this,
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm data connect
Setting up profile 1
Setting access point name … ok
Setting packet data protocol … ok
Setting Authentication … ok
Connecting … failed
Thu Mar 15 03:12:03 UTC 2018 - Connection Failure: LE_FAULT

And this is the output from my log file.
qmi.c MapSimState() 857 | More than one application 2
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | modemDaemon[821]/swiQmi T=main | swiQmi.c swiQmi_CheckResponse() 813 | Sending QMI_WDS_START_NETWORK_INTERFACE_REQ_V01 failed: rc=0 (), resp.result=1.[0x01], resp.error=14.[0x0e]
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_mdc_qmi.c StartSession() 1903 | Data connection failure Call End provided 11, Code 1018
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_mdc_qmi.c StartSession() 1914 | Data connection failure Verbose Call End provided Type 6, Verbose 33
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | modemDaemon[821]/modemDaemon T=main | le_mdc.c le_mdc_StartSession() 1033 | Get Connection failure 11, 1018, 6, 33
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | dcsDaemon[815]/le_pa_dcs T=main | pa_dcs_linux.c pa_dcs_SetDefaultGateway() 568 | Default gateway or interface is empty
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | dcsDaemon[815]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c LoadSelectedTechProfile() 989 | No value set for ‘SSID’!
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | dcsDaemon[815]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c TryStartWifiSession() 1473 | Impossible to use Wifi profile, result -1 (LE_NOT_FOUND)
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.debug Legato: DBUG | wifiService[832]/daemon T=main | le_wifiClient.c le_wifiClient_Disconnect() 1478 | Disconnect
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | wifiService[832]/daemon T=main | le_wifiClient.c le_wifiClient_Disconnect() 1482 | Bad reference
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | dcsDaemon[815]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c TryStopWifiSession() 1657 | Impossible to disconnect wifi client
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_sim_qmi.c MapSimState() 857 | More than one application 2
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_sim_qmi.c MapSimState() 857 | More than one application 2
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 Legato: INFO | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_mrc_qmi.c pa_mrc_GetNetworkRegState() 2062 | called
Mar 15 03:04:45 swi-mdm9x15 user.warn Legato: -WRN- | modemDaemon[821]/le_pa T=main | pa_sim_qmi.c MapSimState() 857 | More than one application 2


what do you see with
cm radio



root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm radio
Power: ON
Current Network Operator: T-Mobile
Current RAT: UMTS network (LE_MRC_RAT_UMTS)
Status: Registered to a roaming network (LE_MRC_REG_ROAMING)
Signal: Strong signal strength (4)
PS: Packet Switched Registered, home network (LE_MRC_REG_HOME)


cm data connect

and see what happens?


I did that earlier.Here is what I got from that command. You think I should try a different firmware? Perhaps the ATT version is causing issues, even though I can send texts no problem. I have run a couple app examples successfully. Will be nice to get the AV data transfer working, but for right now I will move on to creating some apps. I also have an HL chip I am demoing too and want to see what would be the best direction to go in for this product (WP8548 with Legato, or an HL 7800 with a seperate MCU. )

So the legato_framework directory structure is used to create/update apps to the chip that is running the legato OS, and is board independent?

The mangOH directory structure is for the apps that are meant to run on a certain mangOH board (red or green) and with a certain WP module?

Do I understand this correctly? Just trying to make sure I understand the difference between LEGATO_ROOT and MANGOH_ROOT . As I continue working with this platform I am sure it will all click.


Hi Alex,
Your logread response shows “Data connection failure Verbose Call End provided Type 6, Verbose 33”.

This indicates a 3GPP defined data call failure, returned by the network, with verbose reason “Service Option Unsubscribed”. I wonder if your APN (Broadband, from the ATT package) doesn’t match your SIM. If that description fits, the Generic Firmware might be a good idea, in which case you’d need to set your APN to match your service provider. SMS doesn’t invoke the APN, so a mismatched APN would still work for SMS. Feel free to direct message me if this doesn’t help - I’m a Sierra developer with a modem focus on WP.


Thank you so much. You guys are awesome at helping us on here. Very lucky to be chatting with the actual developers. I thought it may be an issue with actually getting a data connection to the network. I will try the generic firmware version tomorrow and report back. And investigate this compatibility issue. I remember seeing documentation about changing the APN, so I will investigate as much as I can. If I still have issues after I have exhausted all options I will message you. Thanks again !!!

Mt7697wifi kernel module source

This is working now. I changed to generic firmware and I can now see the connection in Air Vantage. I can run redSensorToCloud and see the gforce values and temperature on air vantage. Cool stuff. Thanks again for reaching out!