@majditoumi could we investigate allowing this app to work with latest legato release as well. Can you dig into that?

@asyal and @majditoumi:

I appreciate your support for this so far.

There are issues with dependencies in example that seemed to be compatible with older legato version (legato-16.01.3 for that matter), although no longer compatible now that external libraries have changed to a greater extent.
It would indeed help to have a completely functional sample application which gets connected to google cloud, based on legato-16.01.3, with all the dependencies clearly stated and provided with.

This could make life easy to port a functional example with all the dependencies well-sorted, to a higher/latest legato version.

@cchins: You might want to follow this discussion.

Sure @asyal, I’m on it, I’m going a new version with all issues fixed. Don’t worry about that @WedaPashi.

You’ll have access to the latest legato version API.


Hi - Thank you for working on this project. majditoumi, do you have an estimated date when the new version will be released?


So currently this is broken?

Hi @majditoumi - I’m just following up on when the new version will be released?



Hey @Troy1, sorry about the delay.
A new developer is going to fix this current repository.

I’m actually working around a new mangoh-to-gcloud project without any dependency.
I’ll post the link here and I’ll fix this one if not yet :wink:

whats the status of the new mangoh-to-gcloud project with all dependencies. I am working on that at present there are many compatibility issues in present repository.

Any updates on the mangoh-to-gloud project? @majditoumi

Hey all,

Has anyone here considered using Google Cloud Functions + AirVantage pubsub connector? I’ve really been enjoying this solution for a few reasons:

  1. You still get the highly integrated AirVantage features such as over the air updates.
  2. You can still use all the nice native APIs/services in Legato.
  3. It’s very simple to handle incoming data. Google Cloud Functions allows you to specify a simple callback function to handle all incoming data.

If anyone is curious about how we have this setup, let me know and I can provide some sample code (in TypeScript).

Hey @nick

We tried this for a bit and it worked ok. But sending our data through Airvantage was way to expensive! Today we use airvantage only for software updates and SIM card activation and send our data with mqtt via our own server to google cloud.

We would like to send the data directly to gcloud with mqtt but have not had the time to implement it. majditoumi example is broken (not working with legato 18.x) and I guess he has changed his job?

Maybe using this
google sample is the way to go?

Hey @nilsarve,

Definitely looks promising, keep us posted about how it goes!


Hello guys,

You’re right @nilsarve, the issue is on the Legato version. I can’t take a look at the code right now but I will try to fix it as soon as possible to allow sending data through gcloud.


Has there been any further progress with this.


Hi Nick!
How much did you pay to declair your topic in Airvantage? I heard that this connector is an additional service so you need to pay for it.
BTW, I am also researching about transfering raw data from Airvantage to Google Cloud Platform for storage and analysis. If you have any referrences, please let me know. I appriciate your kind help.
Best regards,

Hey @mrtranwin731,

I’m not certain about the billing, I’ll have to get back to you. Let me speak with my employer tomorrow about what I’m allowed to share. I have quite a bit of work already under my belt regarding Google Cloud + mangOH so hopefully I can lead you in the right direction. I also have some code in the works to use the the mangOH/paho MQTT client implemented by @dfrey with Google MQTT, but I’m not certain if/when I’ll get a chance to finish it.

Hi Nick,
It’s nice to talk, thank you for your feedback.
I am expecting your guidelines. My module is MangOH Red with WP85xx.
Nice to talk!

Hey friend,
These projects are not Legato Application.
Can you give me more detail?

Hey @mrtranwin731,

I spoke to my boss and we need to keep this somewhat proprietary, so for now I can only provide what is already open. In essence, you can connect AirVantage to Google Cloud Functions. Google Cloud Functions allows you specify a handler function each time an “event” occurs on AirVantage.

You can read more about how to get AirVantage connected here:

and about Google Cloud Pubsub Functions here:

In terms of going directly to Google Cloud IoT (using MQTT), you would be responsible for implementing this. As mentioned above, the mangOH has an MQTT client more or less ready to go, but integrating it with Google Cloud would be up to you (things like authentication, session management).


You could always look into updating this project ( as well.

Thanks Nick!! I am trying with the topic that transfer data directly to Google Cloud via MQTT protocol.