MangOH Red/Yellow HL7802 Compatibility Queries

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I am considering HL7802 chipset to be used in Red/Yellow boards due to its small form factor and low power consumption which is suitable for our needs. Could you please provide clarity on the following questions:

As both Boards have CF3 socket, and HL7802 being compatible with CF3, can this device be used in these boards? Assuming it works, it seems certain onboard hardware like accelerometer and barometer Senors may not be usable. Though I am not able to confirm from schematics, it seems these may not get routed to the chipset when HL7802 is inserted(non-availability of outer “Ring D” on device). Could you please give more clarity on what will be “missed” if we use HL7802 on these boards.

HL7802 can be used on Red as of now and Yellow version when available.
Please get the following version:

You need to get HL7802 separately.
Please note that HL7802 is not programmable so you will need to control it using an external mcu.