Mangoh Red wp7702 on ubuntu


Hi All,

I have a Mangoh Red with WP7702 and when I plug to my laptop USB port on Windows, the Windows receives and internal IP which allow me to connect to the Mangoh Red Linux. I’m trying to do the same, but using Ubuntu on my laptop, and it seems that the laptop receive the internal IP for around 3 seconds, which I’m able to connect to the Linux on Mangoh Red and then it loose the IP and the connection. Is this some type of bug? Do I need to configure something else on my Ubuntu?



Hi Daniel,
I think based on the Getting Started Guide for Linux you have to remove the default Ubuntu connection
application for modems:

On Section 3.2, Point 7:
6.On the dev machine, open a terminal window.

7.Make sure the modemmanager package is removed from your system (this package causes problems with mangOH Red if it is not removed)

$ sudo apt-get remove -y modemmanager

8.Wait 10-15 seconds for the mangOH Red to enumerate.

9.Test the CF3_USB connection:

$ ping

Hope this helps.



Thanks Zahid, you are correct, this one seems to fix it!!