MangOH Red WP7607 - CAN-bus RX packets error rate too high


I got mangOH and Talon CAN IoT card ( to connect and want to receive can frames from CAN traffic generator : SIMN2000-006: Au NMEA 2000 PowerTrain Simulator Engine Basic Plus Edition (1.00A)(

I follow CAN BUS on mangOH Red - simplified user experience and run in mangOH. But I can’t see any RX packets in can0 using ifconfig command.

When I modify can bitrate from 125000 to 250000, RX packets can be received.

But the error packets also increases (about 22% of RX total packets).

Does anyone meet the same phenomenon?

If yes, how to solve this issue?



Hi @JasonChou,
I nor any other responses on the list seem to have had the problems that you mention. I have a
couple of suggestions:

  1. Please go through the Linux Kernel notes on socketCAN:
  2. Try setting up loopback on both the .125 Mbps & .25 Mbps and see where the plumbing is amiss.
  3. Integrate in the to allow you to troubleshoot further.
  4. Integrate in (this may be part of can-utils?).

I am assuming that you have already set up 2 nodes back-to-back and CAN communication over
socketCAN worked in that case and then you moved to the traffic generator? If not please try that
first. Let us all know your experience.