Mangoh Red WP7601-1


Hi there,

Can anyone tell me when these will be available on Digikey or where else I might be able to purchase them from to get going?




Early March/mid-March availability for WP7601/03 with mangoh Red.


Thanks for the information. Is there anyway to get a red board any sooner and just buy my own module? Red boards don’t seem to be available anywhere. Maybe even a red board with a different module so I can get started.



New boards are scheduled to be made for Digikey mid/end Feb, this is the earliest you are going to be able to get some unless one of the other disti’s have got stock they have not sold yet but that is unlikely.




Note, we plan to provide the following SKUs through the March/April:
a. WP7601, WP760-1 (cat1,4 Verizon)
b. WP7603, WP7603-1 (cat1,4 ATT, T-Mo)
c. WP7607,WP7607-1 (EU cat1, 4)
d. WP7702 (LTE-m + 2G capable)

We will also look at other possible WP76 SKUs as needed.


Is the wp76 will be fully supported for mangOH red/green for March/April ? Included IoT card ?

I would like to go with wp76 instead of WP85 for USA market.

Thanks for this news.


WP76/77 will be supported on mangOH Red starting March. We will release easy to use development applications that you can use to build Mobile Asset Tracker solution.