MangOH Red Without Airvantage Portal Communication


Hey there everybody,

I’m using the mangOH Red board With the WP7702 module and the SierraWireless SIM.
At this moment i have a self made application that communicates with the Airvantage portal through HTTP requests to control the MangOH Red light and get the same data as the RedSensorToCloud app example.

Now i’m wondering is there a way to not use the Airvantage Portal and talk directly to a private server from the MangOH red board?

My questions:

-Are there any example applications to accomplish this?
-What are the different communication technologies i could use next to HTTP?
-Is it even possible with the Legato framework?
-And is there a way to do this with the new LPWA technologies of the WP7702 module?


At the end of the say, an IP link neither knows nor cares what data you’re sending over it, nor where you’re sending it.



That’s why i’m asking for code examples how to accomplish this?

Also wondering if there is a way to talk directly to the mangOH Red device without portal communication?

Do i need a http server on the mangOH Red to do this?


curl has been mentioned previously.

What do you mean by, “directly” ?
mangOH Red has several comms interfaces - both wired and wireless…

from a forum search for “http”: