MangOH Red with WP7702



I´ve just recieved the WP7702 parts and I want to use them in mangOH Red board.

For enabling all the functionality (IoT boards, etc) I try to load the sdef mangoh redfile from github using Developer Studio and I find the following error:

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘’: Read-only file system
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘’: Read-only file system
/legato/3rdParty/tinycbor/Makefile:116: recipe for target ‘lib/’ failed
make[1]: *** [lib/] Error 1

I´m using WP77 with R7 Firmware (Jan 26 2018):

  • Legato for WP77 R7 (17.11.0.wp77xx-docker-201801031728) for Windows
  • SWI9X06Y_02.13.02.00 toolchain.

Do I need to configure something more to avoid this error??

Best regards


Do you have to use dev studio or command like ok with you?


I feel more confortable with dev studio because I have no very much experience with Linux, but if is necesary I move to command line to take advantage of the whole system.

how can I switch the module From command line without loose the framework for WP85?



Hi ivand,
Can you share where to get WP7702 modules for development?
How is your progress with this device?

Thank you



Hi Mirek,

sorry for late reply.

At this time, I had to stop the development with the WP7702 because it has an issue with the Renfell IoT board (RS485 version), so I´ve had to move to WP8548 back. The WP77 doesn’t generate file descriptors for USBs detected in that port.