mangOH Red with WP7702 will not connect to Airvantage


Hi there,

I’ve been trying to get my mangOH to sync with the Airvantage server. My goal for now is just to be able to see the location of the board from Airvantage.

With the mangOH I am using the WP7702 and a T-mobile sim card. The board is added to Airvantage as a device, and all of the info is correct. I also added the sim card as a subscription, then added that subscription to the mangOH. The sim card info is also all correct. At this point I’ve triple checked all the values.

On the mangOH side I have the APN set to The board tells me that it is connected to the network.

Despite all this, the board absolutely will not sync to Airvantage. I have contacted Sierra Wireless about this issue. They told me the issue is related to the firmware, and that they needed to give me a special firmware package. They have since stopped responding to me and haven’t sent me any firmware to try. The firmware is currently SWI9X06Y_02.13.02.00. I downloaded it from their website, so if it isn’t correct then I’m not sure what else I can do to try to fix it.

Can anyone assist me with this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi @bradmcmuffin,

Have you tried this out yet?, also, remember you have to run the redSensorToCloud app.