mangOH_Red with WP7608 modem UE Attach with base station


Hi All,

I received the mangOH red evaluation kit with wp7608(UE Modem) & also sim card in it . I had powered up the board and able go get start with userguides, etc… I would like to perform the UE Attach with the sierra wireless modem(wp7608) .

I am not sure how to register the sim card to the base station etc…
Could some one point me to the right direction to perform the UE Attach test witht the evalation kit.

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Hi Siva,

Once you setup the board and have console access, maybe you can try with the “cm” tool first, for example:

cm info
cm radio
cm sim
cm data
cm data connect 30
cm data

Refer to below for details:

Hope it helps.


@stirulaka did you follow the getting started guide?


Hi lotam,

Thanks for the input. I will play around with this tool.
I registered the sierra wireless simcard with AIrvantage account.
I am trying to perform an UE attach and pump the data



Hi ,

while trying to register the sim , I get the error"partner provided cannot be found" as shown in the below snapshot. what this error means

I am not sure whether the sim card is acitvated or not. How can I check that ?



Are you using Sierra SIM?


Yes I am using the Sierra SIM


Provided in the kit?


yes, its provided with the kit.


@thibs can you check this ICCID? 89332401000006308049


@asyal: Yes, Please find the output of


+CCID: 89332401000006308049


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Hi ,

I was wondering what could be problem with the sierra wireless sim activation ?
Please do let me know if you need more information.



Looks like the sim activation is done. I am attaching the below snapshot. Could some one confirms the same


Thinking with the above snapshot as the confimation for the sim activation.

I tried running the app start redSensorToCloud to get the sensor data get display on the web browser.
Unfortunately, I dont have any data displayed on the device dash board
I am referring the GSG from mangOH.
Am I missing some thing ?


Hi All,

NOw the sensor data displayed on the device dashboard. It took some time for the sim card to get registered and to get the data transferred.


Hi All,

With the below snapshots after the airvantage account sim registration & activation.
With this status, Is my below statement correct ?
The UE attach is success with IOT cloud and the sensor data is pushed to the IOT cloud over an RF