MangoH Red with Talon Communications bluetooth IoT card


Hello all,
I have got MangoH Red board and i’ld like to integrate Talon communications blue-tooth IoT cart. Can someone help me on this.


Hi @mallikarjunareddy,

You can start reading what i’ve posted in the forum:

There is a couple more information that I’ve finally found like modifying by removing the mux command and replacing them by the ones quoted in this post:

Good luck ! (it’s sometimes not easy to find to find information)



Hey nkau_tha,

      Thanks for support.
      I'm not able to find file "**_meta-swi/build.sh_**". Which version of Legato release are you using..?


I’ve downloaded “Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x06-SWI9X06Y_02.18.05.00.tar.bz2” Yocto from (for my wp7702 component) but is not in legato directory but in the yocto directory under meta-swi.


Hey nkau_tha,

   Thanks for you support.
   I've made changes in "meta-swi-extras/build" and blue-tooth is discoverable now in my mangoH red board. But i'm unable to pair/connect from my phone.

Thanks & Regards,
Mallikarjuna Reddy