MangOH Red with HL7800

Hello all,

Bought MangOH Red with HL7800 chip in it.

Turns out there is no toolchain support for this chip. Says HL7800 not supported.
Says only WP and Raspberry Pi is supported.

In this scenario, how would I make simple apps and control the kind of messages I am sending out to the cloud. Just through the AP commands?

Is there any way I can use Legato?

If not then what can I do with this setup ?


You can use HL7800 only as a bit pipe modem. You can talk to it through a Rpi or some other external microcontroller.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Would you happen to know of any tutorial which shows how to control this chip through TI2640 ?

My project also has BLE requirement.

Can you tell me more about your use case? What are you trying to build?
If you dont want to share in open, send me a message.

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Messeged you :slight_smile: