mangOH RED schematics file


Schematics already ported


Great work @leoheck… good to see this level of community contribution


Do you have the schematics files in Altium ?
Please share it with community will be thankful to you !!


Can Altium import from Kicad ?


yes it can be imported


i have downloaded your files and import it in Altium designer successfully but they show nothing in altium .
Regards !!


Not sure if you’re still working on this, but I downloaded the KiCad schematics and found a footprint for the WP Snap In Socket on SnapEDA. I was easily able to import that into your schematic. Your KiCad symbol is better since the SnapEDA symbol doesn’t have signal names, just pin numbers. The SnapEDA stuff is licensed under Creative Commons with an exception that allows you to create boards even in violation of the Creative Commons license. I can open a PR to add this on GitHub, but it only took me a few minutes to do so it might be easier if you do it since this is my first interaction with KiCad…


Hi @Bilawallateef I have no idea on how to help you I don’t use Altium.

Hello @fgodfrey, I built all parts by myself. Your help is welcome. You may create a PR on Github if you have any updates for the project. Even if you didn’t work with Kicad I would like to encourage you to do that. We can interact on the Github’s PR page.