mangOH RED schematics file


Hi, Is there opj file provided for Red?
I cannot find it at hardware section. Only Green version is there.
Thanks a lot.



We will upload the pantheon and dx designer file next week


Hi, I am interested in Orcad/Allegro design files. Will you provide them also? Thanks. Mirek


Good Morning,
whare can I find mangOH Red shematic files in editable format (OrCard or Zuken E3)?


We only have dxdesigner files for mangoh red


We found out the hard way that mangoh red is implemented in Mentor’s toolset. But the zip just contains logs.
Is there anyway to get a working view of the schematics? We are planning to create a design modification.
I can give you details if you need.
Thanks in advance.


Schematic files are in DXDesigner and available here:


Thanks for your response.
We checked yesterday with an expert on dxDesigner and using the same release of the tool. He tells us that some critical folders are missing from the zip file. In particular those that contain the symbol definitions and others.
Manually checking the files, we also see that they mostly contain log files rather than the actual design.
We will recheck on Monday to make a side by side comparison between a working dxDesigner file structure and the one on the web. We will report it back to you.

Again, thanks for your response.


Was looking at the this schematic diagram for MangoH Red (

On sheet 8 of 10, there is mention of CN1203, but could not find any mention in the diagrams (in the entire file) see screenshot of the section below…


You are right the CN1203 is removed from mangOH Red. Instead you need to turn on switch 5 of SW401.


Got it. A path problem. Thanks.


One last bit. The schematic files state that the dxdesigner files are in DV4, while PCB and other documents are for DV5.
Can we get the dxdesigner files for DV5 release? Or there is no difference?


Hi guys, I am new to the forum.
I would like to edit mangOH red board files but I don’t have Mentor DxDesigner. Anyone knows if there any trials for this software or any other alternative since I could not find where to download/buy the software. Can you help me giving me some directions?


Guys, I am still trying to open the schematics of the MangOH Red without success.

MangOH Red resources page shows that the schematics can be viewed/edited using Allegro/OrCAD but I was not able to open the project on these platforms.

@asyal said that:

Currently, I am working with the Mentor guys to have the Xpedition Enterprise working but I still cannot open the layout.

@asyal, Is it possible to export the schematics project to Allegro/OrCAD or even to Kicad or Altium for me?

Thank you.


I was able to open the schematics with Xpedition Designer. It was compacted 2 times. I had to unpack the too.



Can you export to Altium ?
I’m very interresting.



Hi @Francis.duhaut I don’t think it is possible. Xpedition Designer has a menu option to export to “Cadence Allegro” but it is not working too.

The output window always shows this message:
Error: Unknown switch 2500927
This number is the name of the board.

The databook tab shows this:
Warning: Xpedition Designer can't connect to Central Library
Which I think it means that we don’t have the schematic symbols and footprints.


@leoheck Thanks for your answer. We have Candence Allegro licence too and we will see to import the MangOH project in Altium.

I will share the mangOH Altium project with the community. I think lot of people work now with Altium.



@Francis.duhaut any updates on your schematics with Altium?

The project on DxDesigner does not contain the main library file DxD_Central_Library.lmc.
So, I guess we don’t have access to any symbols and footprints used in the project.

Is it true @asyal ?

If it is true, the DxDesigner project is just a little bit better than the schematics from the pdf.

Also, what is the process you use to move the board from DxDesigner to Pantheon PCB?


I am porting schematics to Kicad if someone is interested.