MangOH Red remote leaf repository

Is there a leaf remote repository for MangOH Red?
How do I build MangOH Red source with dependencies managed by Leaf?



I don’t think it is available for the Mangoh Red/WP Processors. At least i have not seen it.

But you can build your mangoh setup as described here with setting up the environment manually:

Or use the leaf package for the processor type in your mangoh red.

Depending what you need, for example driver, study the different readmes on the repo as there are valuable informations there.

We haven’t setup any mangOH specific leaf packages for mangOH Red yet. You can however just use of the of the packages from the Legato team e.g. swi-wp76_4.4.0 to get “SDK for WP76 (Release 13.3 + Legato 19.09.0)”.

We have been so busy with mangOH Yellow that mangOH Red has been slightly ignored, but we’re circling back to Red now. One thing that I know needs to be done is that we need to create a Legato WiFi service platform adaptor for the mt7697 based wifi on the mangOH Red. I don’t think it will be too much work, but it does need to be done.