MangOH Red + Raspberry Pi Zero


Hi there.
I’m pretty new to MangOH, so don’t be strict to me please.
My question is:

  • I have some code running on my Raspberry Pi Zero, it needs internet connection to work properly. and i wonder if I can connect MangOH Red (or Green) to use it as cell modem for my Raspberry?


yes, you can do that using the UART interface on the module


Hi kent1ukr,

Ashish is right that you should be able to connect the Raspberry Pi Zero to the mangOH using the UART interface. I’m curious if there is a reason why you can’t run your whole application on a mangOH with a wp85 module though. Can you explain?


Yes, i know that, we have 2 hardware versions,
1 - rasp + hl + our equipment
2 - wp + equipment