MangOH Red Power Consumption


What is basic current consumption of Red board with WP7502? I measure about 200mAmps even all apps are stopped and Radio=Off, GNSS=Off and no USB is connected. Who is so hungry? Thanks!


A lot of that is coming from the WiFi chipset. If you look a the reset lines on page 3 of the schematic, you can place the WiFi/BT in reset by using GPIO_WIFI_RESET. A quick test is disconnect pin 8 of SW401. Here are some rough numbers for WP8 (should be similar for WP75x)
SW401.8 is ON
• Radio is ON (cm radio on): 180-400mA; registers to a roaming network
• Readio OFF (cm radio off): 180-220mA
SW401.8 is OFF
• Radio is ON (cm radio on): 66-280mA; registers to a roaming network
• Readio OFF (cm radio off): 66mA


Hi asyal,
Thanks for fast reply and valuable info.
My next question concerning consumption is influence of USB.
As described in AirPrime Product technical Spec WP7502 should decrease current by some 40mA when in USB-SS state.
But I did not recognize any change while (dis)connecting USB (CN801). Is there some other condition?
Best regards.


There is a bug that WP75 doesnt go to USB SS. We have opened a ticket with the team.


something new with the USB SS issue? Can you estimate the time period to fix it? Thank you. Mirek


Is there a chance to overcome somehow consumption of WP7502 with USB SS issue? Can you recommend another module? Thank you. Mirek


We use WP 7702 now and the current consumption is about 80 mA when GPS is switched off and radio is not active. Is it possible USB SS problem is also at 7702 module? How to use such modules in low power designs?
Thank you.


Update - Suspend is now working OK at WP7702. But there is another 40 mAmps going somewhere to RED board even Radio, GPS+ antenna, devMode and wifi is disabled.
Somebody has idea how to eliminate basic current consumption?