MangOH Red Overheating


Hello guys,

I am playing with some MangOH Reds. And 2 of them were/are overheating.

  • The first one doesn’t work anymore probably due to the overheating problem (it lasted less than 1 day).

  • The second board is being used for some days and it is currently working. Its temperature is 62 degrees Celsius. I have other 15 boards with the same hardware/software that are 32 degrees Celsius. All of them are running continuously for 3 weeks.

Does anyone had experienced the same issue?
Any idea on how to fix/diagnose what is causing the issue?

My application just uses the UART from the RPi headers.
A LiPo battery (3.7V) is connected and the power is supplied from the uUSB with the label “PWR DC”.


@Scott can you look into this?


Hi, maybe it was a software issue.
The board is working fine and the temperature is also fine, after the board reset.

Any idea on how to identify which app is was causing that?