MangOH Red Out of stock


The MangOH Red is out of stock everywhere I have looked.
Are there any immediate plans to build more of these? When would they become available?
Should I be looking at alternatives?


We are delivering 3K more mangOH Reds. We have a few different SKUs and will Sierra Wireless SIM as well as ATT SIM from early April onwards depending on the SKU you select. We will be providing the following WP SKUs:
a. WP85: 3G with Sierra SIM
b. WP76xx: cat 1 & cat 4 with Sierra SIM
c. WP77: LTE M1/NBIOT with and without 2G fallback with Sierra SIM
d. WP7700 : LTE M1/NBIOT with ATT SIM


Thanks for the response @asyal.
Early April will work for me.
I know it might be hard to say, but is there any chance that there will be production delays? I know last time the delivery date got pushed back a couple of times.


Build is scheduled next week so I dont expect a delay.
The first SKUs to show up will be WP7700, WPP7702 and WP8548


I have just heard back from one of the suppliers I contacted, and they mentioned that there was a scheduled price increase for this product.

Can you comment on whether the price for this next lot will change from the previous price?


All price are listed here:


Hello Asyal,

Do you have a more frequent production plan for the future? What happens if we run out from this 3K stock? I mean being out of stock for months again could hurt the Mangoh project i guess…



Yes, we have another 3-5K build next quarter planned as well.