Mangoh red i2s support


We are trying to use a mems I2S microphone on one of our project base on mangoh red with wp7601. We were using the audio connection and record function from example by legato: [](Sample code of audio playback and capture)

It work with mic connected to 3.5mm port so we changed to i2s interfaces. We connected the i2s mic on IoT expand board : [] (pin 33 - 36), build and install works, no error while running the app. The wav file is recorded as expected but with no sound (all zeros on the data chuck).

Also we noticed that the example [](Sample code of audio playback and capture) says:

“Main audio paths are: (for file playback/recording only)”,
" - MIC (for mic/speaker)",
" - PCM (not supported on mangOH board - for AR755x, AR8652 devkit’s codec use, "
“execute ‘wm8940_demo --pcm’ command)”,
" - I2S (not supported on mangOH board - for AR755x, AR8652 devkit’s codec use, "
“execute ‘wm8940_demo --i2s’ command)”,
" - USB (for USB)",

Is that mean mangoh red doesn’t support i2s interfaces? Can anyone help with it?

Thanks in advanced!!


Have you tried with at!avcfg to set up i2s


No, I haven’t … What AT command should I use to set up?( I try type: “at!avcfg” and it shows error.)


You can download the AT command user guide for detail


Sorry for late reply. I try with the AT command (at!avcfg=1,1,1) and it says OK.



Just quick question on using the I2S on mangoh red, do I need to populate R520 and depopulate R508 to set the MUX connect to IoT connector (where the i2s connecter is located)?


Do you see the i2s bus activity on the iot connector?

Sorry what did you mean i2s bus activity, I am kind of new to I2S.

Also I plug my scope on but didn’t see any signal on WS, Data and CLK line while the app is recording, and the playback on the file is silent as well (all zeros)


You can set the profile by AT!AVSETPROFILE and then dial a voice call to see if there is i2s activity by scope

Will give it a try, thanks for your help!