MangOH Red GPIO for external triggering


Dear Guys and Ladies,

Would like to seek advise on mangoh red GPIO .

There are GPIOs on board MangOh Red but where can I connect a 3.3VDC (to any GPIO) directly through a switch to monitor switch status?

Thanks in advance.


Try one of the GPIOs on the raspberry pi connector. they have been level shifted.


Hi Singapore,
To be a bit more specific, yes on Raspberry Pi connector you have few GPIOs coming from CF3 connector and level shifted to 3.3V. They are referred as WP_GPIO_x_lvl with x being a number. The version non level-shifted of the signal (1.8V) will be referred as WP_GPIO_x

You need to be careful, there is a trick in the GPIO numbering.
If I take the example of WP_GPIO_1_lvl it is actually connected to the GPIO22 of the WP8548. See screenshot from mangOH RED schematics below:

In your legato application, it will need to be referred as gpioPin22.

You need to refer to the schematics for the mangOH RED + the PTS of the module you plan to use to get the exact correspondence.