Mangoh red cannot be ssh'd into - randomly stopped working - Not pinging either

Everything with my mangoh red (WP7702 modem installed) was working fine ever since I got it. Now out of the blue the board is no longer able to communicate with my linux pc. I am not able to ssh into the board, I am not able to ping. Just out of the blue DEAD SILENCE. I have been up for 15hr straight trying to retrace my steps to see where the cause of this problem could be. I can’t find an answer. Before this problem occurred I was modifying the file to setup LAN connections. I finished setting the mangoh red up as a router per the instructions in this post: Setting up MangOH Red as Router to Cellular Gateway
And it seems it was going smoothly, I finished the tutorial, no problem. Once I exited the root I was unable to ssh back into mangoh red and no longer able to ping.

Can anyone help me please???

you can set the IP address of the ECM interface by “ifconfig ecm0” on the module UART console.