MangOH Red Board : WP v HL USB


On my mangOH red board with a WP8548 installed, I can connect to it via tera term over USB to send AT commands, etc. I get a lot of virtual ports that show up. I can also send AT commands over the raspberry pi connector and access it that way. When I swap out the WP8548 for an HL77xx, I do not see any USB virtual ports and cannot connect to it via tera term. I can send it AT commands via RPi also, and get data back, but it is not behaving like the WP chip. I will be posting in the future, the difference in AT responses between the WP and HL chips. But my first question is: should I be able to connect to the HL chip via tera term and send it AT commands like the WP? When I swap out the modules, I make sure to invert pins 4 and 8 on the dipswitch.


Not through ssh over ecm but through AT port. Did you install the drivers for the HL module?


That is a great question. Is this the correct link? This is the only one I could find

But I am using the 7748. I tried to install the drivers, but seems I need a vendor certificate.


You should be able to downloaded them if you are signed into source

If there is any issue, please let us know


I was able to download the drivers from that link. Driver installation def not as easy as it was for the WP chips, so I will have to look into it and read the docs.


I am not even going to bother trying to install the HL driver for now: I can read the data it sends back to me via my microcontroller. I have code that is able to send an SMS message with the WP8548, but when I swap it out for the HL7748, I get a +CMS 500 error after I send it the command to send the message. Here is what I do"
send AT+CMGF =1(Enables SMS messaging), get OK back
send AT+CSMP = 17,169,0,0, get OK back
send AT+CMGS = “+1xxxxxxxxxx”, get “>” back
send the actual message ending with a “ctrl-z”, get the CMS+500 error.

The CMS+500 could mean anything. I will dig a little bit more into it, but I will probably switch back to the WP to continue development. I thought I could just swap out the chips if I had stuff working on the WP.