MangOH red 8548

Hi all,

I just got my PCB and trying to connect to PC.
Driver installed - ok
SSH - ping not working (using USB connection)
Firmware update - doesn’t work

Enabling selective suspend ...
Firmware download failed.
Primary error code: 77 - Failed in streaming download stage.
Secondary error code: 68 - Received incorrect response.
Device error code: 0x81 - Invalid product type.

Preexisting images information:
                        ImageId: 001.040_000
                        ImageId: 001.040_000
Final images information:



Total time elapsed: 26688 ms.

Time to switch to boot mode: 2672 ms.

Images downloaded:
        Image ID: 001.027_000
        Build ID:

Time to reset to application mode: -1 ms.

The link to the documentation doesn’t work as well:

do you see the AT command modem port?

Do you see anything in the UART console?

In device manager i see the:

Do you see anything in the UART console?
→ Have no idea where is UART console. As I said documentation is not available.

you need to do the following for the USB ECM interface:

For the UART console:

I did it now, but i have new adapter baned Cellular 2

It should not be cellular interface if you are using USB ECM interface for SSH.
Have you checked the following and see if ECM interface has been enabled?


How to check it?
More info maybe will help:

  1. I am using win11
  2. Drivers have installed already and I see 2 new ports and a modem
  3. Device connected to the PC via USB and CF3 USB

For SSH I am using putty, but is not available. I don’t have any other tools.

Config Index: 1
Config Type:  1 (Generic)
Interface bitmask: 0008010D (diag,nmea,modem,rmnet0,ecm)

AT!USBCOMP=<Config Index>,<Config Type>,<Interface bitmask>
  <Config Index>      - configuration index to which the composition applies, sh                                                          ould be 1

  <Config Type>       - 1:Generic

  <Interface bitmask> - DIAG     - 0x00000001,
                        NMEA     - 0x00000004,
                        MODEM    - 0x00000008,
                        RAWDAT   - 0x00000040,
                        RMNET0   - 0x00000100,
                        RMNET1   - 0x00000400,
                        RMNET2   - 0x00000800,
                        AUDIO    - 0x00010000,
                        ECM      - 0x00080000,
                        NCM      - 0x00400000,
  9  - diag,modem interfaces enabled
  10D - diag,nmea,modem,rmnet0 interfaces enabled


No idea why you cannot see the ECM interface in network adaptor page…
Are you installing this USB driver?

Have you tried on Linux?

BTW, what did you see in the UART console?

I will try tomorrow on Ubuntu.

BTW, what did you see in the UART console?

Can you tell me step by step how to check? (connection, tools)

just connect the USB cable to the Windows and CONSOLE USB connector, you should see one more port generated in device manager.
After that you can use tera term or Putty with baud rate 115200 to see if there is anything ouput.

But it doesn’t help. No logs.

I will try on Ubuntu tomorrow
Thank you for your time and effort

you might also check AT!MAPUART?
If you want the console log to be printed in UART2 (CONSOLE USB connector), you need to enter



  1. Have those results:
!MAPUART: 1,16


  1. If you want the console log to be printed in UART2 (CONSOLE USB connector), you need to enter
  • Still nothing

maybe the metal case of your mangoh red board is not in good position which lost the connection of UART2

You can use your finger to add some pressure to the metal case and see if there is output in UART2

I don’t have a case at all.

Anyway, I have connected the device to Ubuntu… now I am stuck with drivers and settings. Are any docs available?

For AT command port in linux, you can install this USB driver:

For the USB ECM driver, it is generic one which is already ubuntu

The link you share is Windows drivers, not Linux ;(

Sorry, I am not familiar with Ubuntu.

  1. I have connected over USB my MangOH red
  2. lsusb shows me a modem

I still have no idea on:

  1. How I can access mangoh over SSH
  2. How I can send AT-command to the modem