MangOH project: how to use

Hi all!
I think I’m posting a stupid question, but I can’t find a guide about it.
I have a mangOH green with a wp7607 module and a Talon CAN bus transceiver.
My project consists in acquiring CAN signals and eventually storing them on SD and sending them on the cloud, implementing an MQTT communication.
I installed the driver CAN and I finally can see the CAN signal detected in the ifconfig menu. I also installed a SIM and I also managed to connect my mangOH device to AirVantage.
I followed this guide to understand how works a Legato project and I also worked on the mentioned tutorials (that worked well):

I’m compiling the mangOH project from gitHub:

My question is: which are the files I need to work on in this project? I’ll explain. Following the example of hello_world, the COMPONENT INIT is found in the .c file. In my case, to work on the CAN network on which file should I work? On can_iot.c? Would he be my main? Or green.sdef?

Yet another question. If I wanted to implement MQTT communication, using for example MOSQUITTO MQTT, which file should I work on? In my project I see a mqttClientComp folder: do I have to work in mqttmain.c? And should the make be done in this folder? What and how do I send the file to the board? Is it enough to send all the .update file that I compile by doing the make in the main folder?

Really sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to clarify my ideas on these aspects, if by chance there is a guide well done about it, if you could link it to me, I would be very happy.

You can see here in CAN example

Thanks for the answer. I just saw this example, but I wanted to better understand how to manage an entire mangOH project