MangOH PCB files



We are planning to use MangOH as a gateway in our sensor network system. We will be using it in our prototype systems but for production, we would like to customize the system. The website has only the gerber files.
When will you post the PCB files for MangOH?
Also, we would appreciate if you can post Altium files aside from Pads files as not a lot of people has access to Pads software.

Thank you very much for your help
Best Regards


Hello folks,

I joined the webinar today and Mr Ashish Syal told that the PCB files for MangOH were going to be distributed in upcoming weeks.
Pantheon PCB software was used for designing MangOH.

My question would be, do you plan to convert the design files to Altium or Kicad too? If you don’t then can you please point us in the right direction for doing that?

It really helps to have the PCB files for redesigning MangOH to be used in our product. We don’t have access to Pantheon.

Thanks a lot


hi Rifo,

We have looked at your request and seems like a reasonable one. We are now looking at providing an Altium or Kicad version but this will take some time.

I will get back to you once we have more info.




Thanks so much Ashish :slight_smile: You have saved countless hours of us, hardware engineers! Between have you decided about Kicad or Altium? Would be happy to help if there is something to contribute.

Also just my 2 cents about the PCB files, IMHO having PCB files for both Kicad and Altium would be the best for us :slight_smile: as some of the community may not have access to Altum too.
but for those that have access to Altium, it would surely be easier modifying the design compared to Kicad.

have a nice sunday


Hi Rifo,

We are looking to release Altium files first. Note this is a work in progress and will take sometime.



Hello Ashish,

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated.

Looking forward to getting further news from you
have a nice day


Hello Ashish,

Has there been any update about this issue? Do you think you’ll be able to give us a timeframe about this?



Hi Rifo,
We have identified the partner who will work with us on this topic and have the work items defined. It is 8-10 weeks of work from conversion to validation. We are expecting the files to be available at at the latest by end of July.


Any update on the availability of schematic and PCB design files ?


We are doing final check on the converted documentation. Should be available in the next 2-3 weeks.


the review process is complete for the Allegro/OrCad mangOH platform. We will release files by end of this week.



Files are available for download at


Is there an ETA for the Altium files ?


Based on feedback we received from community, we decided to provide Allegro/Cadence files only. We dont plan to provide Altium files.



I wanted to know if you plan to add the eagle files ? If it’s not the case, do someone know a way to convert allegro .brd files to eagle ?



AFAIK one cannot do the conversion from Allegro to eagle but I guess
converting from Allegro to Altium is possible. If someone can do that, it
would be really helpful for people using Altium at work.



Hi Ashish,
When attempting to import the Allegro design files into Altium designer, I get the following error :

Could you possibly please supply the allegro design files in .ALG format?

Kind Regards


Hi Jason,

We are not able to provide files in a different format. If you can convert and publish to community that would be great.



you can try following the instructions below, I have not tried them as I dont have Altium but you can give it a try and let us know:

1.Locate the following two files in the \System folder of your Altium Designer installation (Summer 08 or later):
2.Copy the two files to the folder containing the *.brd binary Allegro version 15.2 or 16 file.
3.Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder containing these files and type the following: Allegro2Altium your_file.brd
4.Surround your filename with double quotes if the filename contains spaces, i.e.: Allegro2Altium "your file.brd"
5.The ASCII file is now created in the folder. Copy the *.alg file to the Altium Designer workstation, Summer 08 (Version 7) or higher, and import using the Import Wizard.



Thanks Ashish,
I have tried it now, unfortunately the executable extracta.exe is not available.
Would it perhaps be possible for your subcontractor who captured the schematic in Alegro to just export the Schematic in Allegro .ALG format, so that the community might use it?

C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board>Allegro2Altium 25009

C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board>extracta.exe 2500905
_PCB_12082016.brd AllegroExportViews.txt AllegroBoard.txt AllegroLayers.txt Alle
groNetlist.txt AllegroNetRules.txt AllegroPadStack.txt AllegroRoutes.txt Allegro
SymbolsDefs.txt AllegroSymbolInsts.txt
'extracta.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board>COPY AllegroBoard.tx
llegroRoutes.txt+AllegroSymbolsDefs.txt+AllegroSymbolInsts.txt AllegroASCII.txt

The system cannot find the file specified.

C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board>DEL AllegroBoard.txt
 AllegroLayers.txt AllegroNetlist.txt AllegroNetRules.txt AllegroPadStack.txt Al
legroRoutes.txt AllegroSymbolsDefs.txt AllegroSymbolInsts.txt
Could Not Find C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board\Alleg

C:\Users\jva\Desktop\Gerber_mangOH_Green_DV4_12082016\Board>MOVE /-Y AllegroASCI
I.txt 2500905_PCB_12082016.brd.alg
The system cannot find the file specified.