"mangoh" password to enter VM session


Dear mangOH team, it seems that the pwd “mangoh” provided into the mangoh red getting started document, paragraph 4.1.2/ bullet point 6, doesn’t seem working. Is it a mistake? Any other pwd which may work? Thanks in advance.


the password is mangoh but warning the keyboard is in QWERTY in the linux VM


So i have the same problem i have tried legato, mangoh, MangOH, MangOH_Red, root and many more, also the default ip address seems to be unreachable, i have followed the tutorials and installed all the drivers i also have looked in the application note for information on the password but it says is mangoh which does not work. I understand the keyboard might be change but nothing changes when i type the work mangoh in vim so i’m sure I’m inputting the right word, please if anyone has any clues i have being trying to set up the board for a while now.


Are you trying to login to the mangOH board itself or the mangOH development VM?

If it’s the target, username=root, password=
If it’s the VM, username=mangoh, password=mangoh