Mangoh green sim detect


Mangoh green cannot detect sim card
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm radio
Power: ON
Current Network Operator:
Status: Not registered but currently searching for a new operator (LE_MRC_REG_SEARCHING)
Signal: Strong signal strength (4)

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm sim
SIM card is absent (LE_SIM_ABSENT).

I tried to change sim2, it was not working
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm sim select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2
Unable to select ‘EXTERNAL_SLOT_2’.

Any ideas what I could try?


Have you power cycled the device after inserting the SIM card?


Yes ofcourse. Also checked that sim_detect GPIO3 works. Stil wp7502 cannot find sim.


A few more basic questions:

  1. Are you trying to use the standard SIM or micro SIM slot?
  2. Have you verified that the SIM is installed in the correct orientation?
  3. Have you successfully used this SIM in any other devices?


Try to enable USIM2 detection with at+uims=1 then power cycle. Works on WP8548.


I have tried both sim slots. Sim cards are positioned right way and they are active, working well with wismo228 modem.


I changed to mangoh Red and its working. No problem with sim detection. So this is ok now.


Hello dfrey, I’m having the same issue, but different from tolotech I can select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2.

What is power cycled? How can I do that?



“power cycle” means to remove power from the device and then apply power again.


I tried that,

I am unable to connect sim. Do you any thought on this?

I’m using WP7702 in primary CF3 of mangoh green.

I tried these commands:

cm radio:

Power: ON
Current Network Operator:
Status: Not registered and not currently searching for new operator (LE_MRC_REG_NONE)
Signal: No signal strength (0)
PS: Packet Switched Not registered (LE_MRC_REG_NONE)

cm data:

Index: 1
PDP Type: IPV4V6
Connected: no

cm sim:

Unknown SIM state.

cm sim select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2:

Unable to select ‘EXTERNAL_SLOT_2’.

Have you seen this issue before?



I figure it out… It was a hardware issue, I got a new board and it worked.


I try to use µSIM with MangoH Green and WP7607-1 without suscess.


Is it supported ?


Wp76/77 doesn’t support second sim interface


Ok thanks ashish

I will use adaptor.


So, finally the spec was updated on the Sierra Web site to include GPIO6 SIM select functionality in the spec for the WP76/77. They don’t really explain when you enable it, what it does exactly… Does it change state when you select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 vs EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 to manage an external SIM MUX?