mangOH Developer Ubuntu password


I am attempting to use the newest release of Legato for the MangOH Green board downloaded from the Getting Started page. Unfortunately after installing this on my VM I am prompted for a password, which I believe should be “legato” but this does not work. Any help so that I may log into would be very much appreciated.

The exact VM I am using is:
mangOH Dev using Legato 16.07 on Ubuntu 16.04.1



the password is “mangoh” why it was changed and where this is documented I can not tell you but mangoh worked…


also, please add the following line in bashrc:
source ~/legato/packages/legato.sdk.latest/resources/configlegatoenv


Hi Kas,

I changed the account name from legato to mangoh, so I changed the password as well. I agree that this should be documented. The “legato” password is mentioned in the “Getting Started” pdf documents, but those documents are a bit out of date now. Sorry for the confusion.


Hello Ashish,

I opened the bashrc using “edit ~/.bashrc” in the terminal. I then added the line you mentioned [quote=“asyal, post:3, topic:265”]
source ~/legato/packages/legato.sdk.latest/resources/configlegatoenv

at the bottom of that file and then closed teh file. I assume this is how you intended for me to do this. I have not used the bashrc file before. Please let me know if this is correct.



That is correct. The .bashrc file is read when the bash shell is started, so you will have to restart your terminal for the changes to take effect. The purpose of adding this line is to setup your environment variables for command line development of Legato each time bash starts.


Is this supposed to allow me to run from teh terminal. If so I’m still having issues both with the terminal and the development studio. When I attempt a make in teh terminal I get:

mkapp -v -t wp85 /
make: mkapp: Command not found
Makefile:8: recipe for target ‘wp85’ failed
make: *** [wp85] Error 127

In the design studio I don’t appear to get anything happening.