mangOH build changes


I have re-worked the mangOH Makefile/build a bit. Rather than having multiple SDEFs for different combinations of mangOH boards and WP modules, I have created a single mangOH.sdef with conditionals that change what is included based on the platform. I hope that this will lead to less breakages because there will only be a single SDEF to manage. Recently for example RedSensorToCloud started depending on LedService, but LedService was added to the mangOH_Red_9x07.sdef, but not the mangOH_Red.sdef so RedSensorToCloud stopped working on wp85.

Note that the location where the .update files are produced has changed. For example, when you do make red_wp85, the update file that is produced is: build/update_files/red/mangOH.wp85.update