MangoH and Arduino


Hi all

I’m following tutorial to communicate MangoH with Arduino.

In step to update:AV_URL, AV_PASSWORD

#define AV_URL “” // replace with url of your airvantage accounr
#define AV_PASSWORD “” // you can change this here and make it the same as the one on application model

I don’t know what is AV_PASSWORD and where can I get this info. So could you please help me on this.



It could be the application password in Air Vantage. See the post below from David:


Thanks Wavefront_yk

I have 1 more question. I tried to run sketch file in tutorial but nothing is returned in Serial Monitor. If I remove Bridge.begin(115200) I saw sensor data is displayed.
So seem that is problem with Bridge .begin() fucntion now?


sorry. I do not have answer for your question and see if someone else can answer your question.

fyi: You may have seen this document.



I’m also having difficulties with the Bridge.begin(115200); command seemingly hanging up the Arduino sketch.

I’ve tried implementing the PR changes mentioned here :

I’ve also tried using older versions of the Bridge library, but nothing so far has allowed the Bridge to start.

Any suggestions?




Hi mxwid

Seem that is issue with Arduino and don’t have any fix for now.
So you can change to use USB connection between Arduino and WP. It will help you communicate between 2 chip.

Thong Nguyen