Making app for sending GPS coordinated to server


Hi. I just got my mangOH Red with the WP8548. I’ve gone through the setup and now i want to make my own application.
I was thinking about an application that sends its coordinates every n seconds to a server. I’ve read that the WP8548 has built in GPS, but how to i control this, and what functions from the legato library is relevat for a task like this?



All the secrets are APIs are here :

Hope this help…(I supposed you’ve installed the IDE Developement studio)…


You mean Developer Studio?


I also guess looking at the sample application called textLoc that was included in the installation is smart to look at?


Yep Developer studio…


And yes, "textLoc " can be a good start if I were you, but only for sending pos by sms as you may have already see…
You should use API for Network connection :
and data connection :


Okey. Thanks for the help. I think this should be enough to get me started :smiley: