Make red_wp77xx: ** ERROR: recipe for target 'red_wp77xx' failed


I’ve fully stripped, reinstalled and rebuilt and end up with this same build ERROR.

**** ERROR:**
/home/mbp/mangOH/mangOH.sdef:113:15: error: Unrecognized section name ‘componentSearch’.
Makefile:93: recipe for target ‘red_wp77xx’ failed
make: *** [red_wp77xx] Error 1

Any thoughts/input appreciated!



Could be a Legato version mismatch:


Yes I saw that already (1st order of business is to search the forums in case others have run into similar issues).

FYI: I downloaded and installed all the latest bits from the SierraWireless site: Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x06-SWI9X06Y_02.18.05.00.tar.bz2

from this link:

from this webpage:

I do see I have an older 18.01 Legato SDK w/dev studio installed from Feb 2018 - but I have assumed that the Legato Framework includes the Legato sources required for this build process.

I’ll download legato-18.06.1.tar.bz2 and install Legato then go back and make red_wp77xx again.

Is this correct??


The mangoh distribution looks for legato in a particular location. If you look at the makefile it references LEGATO_ROOT.

You can check what LEGATO_ROOT is currently set to with ‘echo $LEGATO_ROOT’.
Running bin/legs from the legato directory sets the LEGATO_ROOT variable.

I find it easiest to follow the mangoh getting started guide and use the legato git repo and change between versions using that. That way your LEGATO_ROOT stays the same and you never have issues running multiple versions. Changing versions within the git repo takes no time at all.


Hmmmm… I followed the Guide step-by-step. The LEGATO_ROOT points to Legato inside legato_framework - which has just been downloaded and installed, ie: ~/legato_framework/legato

Inside the version file I see that it is 18.03.0. Am I mistaken that the steps in the Guide just installed “legato_framework” via Legato Distro Source link? …I have not downloaded and installed the “Legato Source” not expecting this to be necessary (and not instructed to do so in the Guide.

Appreciate the clarifications…


legato_framework/legato is the legato source code.
The separate legato source link is just a dumb way to get the source without using git.

If you checkout a different version, (you need 18.04 before your error will go away), and recompile you should be good to go.

cd legato_framework
repo init -u git:// -m legato/releases/18.04.0/legato.xml 
repo sync


Thanks Shib - I’ll use your repo cmd. Odd that the link didn’t ‘point’ to the latest version.

Ah well - I’ll run this and should get me rolling.

Many thanks!


If you have a look at
you can see a list of available versions you can checkout by modifying my previous command.
You might like to skip 18.04.0 and head straight to 18.10.3 - the mangoh distro recommends using the latest.