Make red_wp76xx produces error - unrecognized keyword 'requires'


I’m new here in mangOH world so hopefully this is easy for someone.
I’m trying to re-install a clean image to my Red, and going through the Getting Started guide doesn’t work the same as it did the first time.

Specifically, now when I ‘make red_wp76xx’ (step 5.3 in Getting Started) I see an error "Unrecognized keyword ‘requires’ " for an .mdef file. I grep’d for ‘requires’ and found it in nearly all .mdef files in the /linux_kernel_modules area.
I’m pretty sure I have found a way to get my hands on the wrong Framework, but clueless as to how I did that. (I did use the Legato Recovery Wizard from within DevStudio. Maybe that was a bad idea.)

I have seen comments by @dfrey in other posts suggesting a newer framework, but those are from March '18. Now that it is July 2018 that might be old news.

Maybe someone could suggest how I can get back to the latest/best framework that understands a ‘requires’ section.

Thanks in advance for your help and your patience.


Git clone the latest mangoh source and legato 18.05.1.

Use the latest VM with Ubuntu 18.04.