Make red_wp76 failed - anyone has a red board running?

Hi everyone,

I hope my message finds you well out there.
I have mangoh red board about 2-3 weeks now and have been trying to compile it with make and so on but nothing seems to work since I always have make red fail.
I have a wp7610 and a wp7601 that I have updated with the last firmware, I have a also installed them with the last mangoh github release and tried so much legato toolchain that It makes it hard to think about the next move.

But I may have a question that maybe can fix my problem. Anyone on the forum has the mangoh red up and running? if yes, did you have it running with the wp7610 or WP7601?

If that’s the case, can you give me the version for each of the tools you had to have your board up and running?

Such has the legato version? the mangoh version and the firmware version on your wp7610 or wp7601.

Your help is really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


P.S: I have looked on the forum for about 2 weeks now but everything I found about "red_wp76xx failed’’ has not yet resolved my problem.

You can try the steps here