Mac os catalina ssh problem

Hi, i have been working with mango red and wp7502 module. Everything worked well until I upgraded my Mac OS Catalina. With Catalina, I can’t get ssh to device work with usb cable. I experienced this with 3 separate Macs after upgrading to Catalina so I’m pretty sure something has changed on Catalina. I can’t ping or ssh to any Mangoh device. Even ssh on Mangoh vm stopped working. Is there any solution to continue developing with Mac OS Catalina?


Hi Elmo,

Yes, this is a known issue caused by the fact the new Catalina version (MacOS 10.15, which requires 64bits drivers only) does not provide any USB-net driver for Sierra modules. Best way to work around it will be to use a VM on your machine.


Hi, thanks for the answer. Ssh stopped working also in VM (I have mangoh VM running on virtual box). Do I need to configure VM settings or something after Catalina upgrade? It feels like VM cannot connect to device because its host machine can’t .


Any news regarding this issue ?