LTC2942 Battery Gas Gauge I2C Issue

I felt this might be helpful to the community as I know the LTC2942 Battery Gas Gauge was used in the Mangoh Red DV5 release.

I have found, in our design at least, that the SDA pin of the LTC2942 is held low on an initial boot. This was causing the following issue

I have also contacted Analog Devices support, the own Linear Technologies, and tried several of there suggestions but none of them were able to resolve the issue completely.

If any one has experienced this issue before or has thoughts on how to solve it I would greatly appreciate you sharing.

do u see this issue on Red DV5?


No I haven’t checked on the Mangoh Red DV5 as I haven’t had time. I did notice that the Red DV6 uses a TI battery gas gauge instead of the LTC2942.