LORA IoT card dtivers and example for FX30S



There´s a LORA IoT card from Yadom.
We need to do a Gateway-LORA WAN - 3G with FX30.

Does Tadom provide the drivers for FX30S? Is there any example? I can see there are different models LORA peer to peer and LORA WAN.

I need LORA WAN IoT card. Is it available. I understand LORA WAN IoT card will be compatible with any LORA WAN sensor in the market

In Yadom I can see this reference ARM_N8_LW, ARM Nano in 868MHz Lora Wan.




Hi Isabel,

The RF module embedded on the ACW-MangoH is the ARM-N8 from ATIM.
This module exists in Sigfox + FSK and LoRa/LoRaWAN versions

But it is for endpoints !
You can’t build a LoRaWAN Gateway with this module, sorry.

Best regards