Loading container demo or other demo apps


Hey guys,

I’ve spent some time trying to get the Container demo loaded on my Mangoh Red and the first step in the ReadMe says "Modify ‘mangOH/tergetDefs.mangoh’ to set export SDEF_TO_USE = $(MANGOH_ROOT)/samples/Demos/containerTracking.sdef

I have navigated to the file in $LEGATO_ROOT/targetDefs and tried adding the export line to the beginning of the file and also to the end with no avail.

I run ‘make wp85’ from the legato folder. I have also tried running ‘make wp85’ from the $MANGOH_ROOT/samples/Demos folder, but would expect some problems there since there are a whole bunch of .sdef files. How do I specify the SDEF file to use?

Sorry if this is an entry-level question!



Hi Brandon,

You will need to get the WiFi/BT IoT card ( https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=1788-1008) to get this going.
#2: Look through the containerTracking.sdef, what you really need are the following files. You can add them to your own sdef:

// Command-line tools.


#3: Add the driver for the bluetooth device. check the tutorials on the mangoh page.