Linux kernel image for wp7608

Hi All,

I would like to build the custom linux kernel & device tree.
some one can point me the latest source github of the linux kernel for the magOH red.
May I know where is the boot partition in the wp7608 modem . so that I can upload my new images after succesfull built.


Hi ,

Some one can point me to the yocto repository to build the kernel image.


Hi Siva,

Please find below:


Hi lotam,

Thanks for pointing me to the latest firmware components.
Could you please point to user guide which outlines the procedure to build/flash the new image.

we are trying to build exact replicate kernel image & rootfs of prebuilt image for the release 9.


please refer to post on another forum.

Download the “Legato Distro Source” from the wp76xx firmware release 9 components page (mentioned previously by @lotam). You can use that to build something that’s the same as the release 9 linux image. Run make image_bin once you extract the tar file. Unfortunately, there is currently no public git repository for the firmware releases. This has been something that I and others have been asking for, but it’s not ready yet.

I am blocked on getting success build. The build is getting failed at the following stage

stirulaka@ubuntu:~/work/mttm/yocto$ source /home/stirulaka/.bashrc
stirulaka@ubuntu:~/work/mttm/yocto$ make image_bin
“meta-swi/” -p poky/ -o meta-openembedded/ -l meta-swi -x “kernel/.git” -j 9 -t 9 -g -a “LEGATO_WORKDIR=/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/…/legato_framework/legato/” -a “LK_REPO=”/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/lk"" -m swi-mdm9x28 -b build_bin -q
Poky dir: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/poky
OE meta: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/meta-openembedded
SWI meta dir: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/meta-swi
Linux repo dir: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/kernel/.git
Number of make threads 9
Number of bitbake tasks 9
With Legato
Extra options added - LEGATO_WORKDIR=/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/…/legato_framework/legato/
Extra options added - LK_REPO=/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/lk
SWI machine: swi-mdm9x28
Build dir: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin
Enable Qualcomm Proprietary bin

Shell environment set up for builds.

You can now run 'bitbake ’

Common targets are:

You can also run generated qemu images with a command like ‘runqemu qemux86’
Error: bash is not set as default provider for /bin/sh
build is not guaranteed to work, aborting
Makefile:217: recipe for target ‘image_bin’ failed
make: *** [image_bin] Error 1

Am I missing something ?
Can some one point me would be great.

There’s a strange requirement that /bin/sh must point to bash in the meta-swi/ file. I think most recent versions of Ubuntu point /bin/sh at dash instead. You will have to update your /bin/sh symlink to make the message go away.

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Assuming you’re using Ubuntu (or, I think, Debian), the “correct” way to fix that error is:
sudo update-alternatives --config sh

All that does is changes the symlink, but it also flags it in your “apt” configuration so that if you do an update, it won’t overwrite that change.

Hi ,

I get the following build error after an hours of the build. looks like error is related spi kernel module

[1/783] Bundling file
| [2/783] Build kernel driver module
| FAILED: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/legato-af/build/wp76xx/system/modules/spisvc/spisvc.ko
| make -C /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/legato-af/build/wp76xx/system/modules/spisvc
| make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/legato-af/build/wp76xx/system/modules/spisvc’
| make -C /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work-shared/swi-mdm9x28/kernel-build-artifacts M=/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/legato-af/build/wp76xx/system/modules/spisvc modules
| make[2]: Entering directory ‘/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work-shared/swi-mdm9x28/kernel-build-artifacts’
| make[2]: *** No rule to make target ‘modules’. Stop.
| make[2]: Leaving directory ‘/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work-shared/swi-mdm9x28/kernel-build-artifacts’
| Makefile:11: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
| make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
| make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/legato-af/build/wp76xx/system/modules/spisvc’
| [3/783] Bundling file
| ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
| Makefile:518: recipe for target ‘system_wp76xx’ failed
| make: *** [system_wp76xx] Error 1
| WARNING: /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/temp/run.do_compile.31422:1 exit 2 from ‘make $LEGATO_TARGET’
| ERROR: Function failed: do_compile (log file is located at /home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/legato-af/git-r0/temp/log.do_compile.31422)
ERROR: Task (/home/stirulaka/work/mttm/yocto/meta-swi/common/recipes-legato/legato-af/ failed with exit code ‘1’
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 1400 tasks of which 0 didn’t need to be rerun and 1 failed.

Summary: 1 task failed:
Summary: There were 13 WARNING messages shown.
Summary: There was 1 ERROR message shown, returning a non-zero exit code.
Makefile:217: recipe for target ‘image_bin’ failed
make: *** [image_bin] Error 1

Any suggestions.

Hi All,

I just downloaded the tar ball and has given the make image_bin and the build gets the above error after few hours of build.

I have not made any changes. Could some one let me know how to resolve this build errors ?