Linux distro source for WP76xx


I need to add a few distro features to MangoH yellow with WP76xx, and I’m trying to find the distro source. The resource page that I found is:
But the problem is, I the link for distro source is broken, and there in no response from Sierra Wireless when contacted to their customer support. Can anyone help me to find alternatives for this?


You can try leaf tool

Thanks for your reply!

I had followed similar steps earlier and registered my ssh keys on gerrit. But getting following error when I run leaf getsrc swi-linux:

Seems to be python version problem, you can see here:

Thanks for your reply, I’m using Fedora 28 as dev machine, and I’m not able to find leaf for Fedora. I tried to convert debian package to rpm package, but that didn’t work.

You can use vmware to install ubuntu

I managed to install leaf on Fedora, I used Install Leaf without apt from Alternative Installations - Legato Docs. I added the link so that it can be useful if anyone’s looking.

But now I’m not able to reach, can I use git (Legato Application Framework · GitHub) instead?

you can try this one:

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