Legato virtual machine link



I noticed that the link about legato virtual machine downloading is dead.

Can someone provide a new link to download legato ubuntu 16 virtual machine?




Maybe this link?


Try this: http://download.sierrawireless.com/mangOH/mangOH%20Dev%20using%20Legato%2017.07.1%20on%20Ubuntu%2016.04.ova

they just upgraded it to Legato 17.07.1 patch!


The filename is misleading.

Having downloaded and installed the latest VM, the Legato version appears to be 17.06.0.


Are these VM releases tested with the targets? There seems to be some issues.

For example: the httpGet sample app builds but won’t run because the file /lib/libcrypto.so.1.0.0 is missing. This is on a wp85 module with firmware flashed using Dev Studio.


True I see that the file name is misleading! Can some one from Sierra comment on this!


This VM will work with release 14 and legato 17.07.
This VM will not support dev studio for now.
If you are using an earlier firmware or legato version, then it will not work.