Legato framework problem


Hello, I have been working through this getting started guide and everything had been going smoothly until I got to page 21 of the Windows computer + Legato CLI PDF instruction.

I was able to SSH into the WP7504 module and verified that I had the newest firmware. When I try to run the command: cd ~/legato_framework/legato

I get a message that says: bash: cd: /tmp/guest.tcuyw7/legato: No such file or directory

I have run through the user guide a few times and looked through the forum but wasn’t seeing this exact problem. Just checking if anyone knows what to do here, possibly I should have downloaded something on the virtual machine rather than on the PC. Any help is appreciated.


I haven’t seen this issue before.

Do all of these commands succeed?

  1. ls ~
  2. ls ~/legato_framework
  3. ls ~/legato_framework/legato


where are you running the command? on the host or the target?


Hello dfrey, I was able to use the ls ~ command and got the following directories:
Desktop / Documents / Downloads / Music / Pictures / Public / Templates / Videos

When I used the ls ~/legato_framework it said:
“ls: cannot access ‘/tmp/guest-tcuyw7/legato_framework’: No such file or directory”

When I used the ~/legato_framework/legato it said:
“ls: cannot access ‘/tmp/guest-tcuyw7/legato_framework/legato’: No such file or directory”


I was running on the host unless I am confused about this with there being a virtual machine involved. The virtual machine on my PC with Ubuntu is where I was running the commands from in their terminal. Threw the image of what I am currently seeing.


did you download the legato framework? What directory?


Hello Asyal, was looking through steps that I took and did not see that I had downloaded the legato framework. From what I can see on page 16 of this document I downloaded the mangOH Dev using Legato 17.07.2 on Ubuntu

On page 20 of the same document it said:
“Now that your dev machine is set up with the Legato VM (which has Legato already pre-installed and configured)”

From what I had read up to that point I had not seen a directory called out (not that it wasn’t, I am trying to improve my vernacular when I read through these things but am very much a novice) I had been under the impression that when I downloaded the Virtual Machine that the legato directory would have been in that. Is there another place to find those directories?


where did you download the VM from?


I’m pretty sure that the VM has clones of the Legato and mangOH repositories inside of it. Did you perhaps delete these directories?

When I do ls -1 ~ I get:



Hi @Pat

it looks like you logged into the VM by using the “guest” account (which temporary home directory is in /tmp) instead of the “mangOH” account.


Hello Asyal, Dfrey, and Daav. Thank you for responding. Sorry, got kind of busy yesterday and will be for better part of the morning. Am going to try looking into your posts later today! Really appreciate the help I have found here so far as well.


Good catch @daav! The username is visible in the terminal in the screenshot.


Well daav that did it! Thank you so much guys appreciate all the help!