Legato building for wp76xx fails with missing 'le_tpf.api'

I’m building Legato tag 18.09.0. It fails with the error:

ninja: error: '$LEGATO_ROOT/interfaces/airVantage/le_tpf.api',
 needed by '$LEGATO_ROOT/build/wp76xx/system/api/0cb6f940ec18e2baa5093c68e2eddf27/le_tpf_commonclient.c', missing and no known rule to make it 
Makefile:607: recipe for target 'system_wp76xx' failed 
make: *** [system_wp76xx] Error 1 

I’ve checked and indeed that file is not available.

I’ve googled around with no success. Any assistance will be appreciated.

I tried build legato 19.02 for WP76.
No problem is found.
Maybe you can have a try.

Yes, this worked. I took the leaf way, which worked quite well for me.