Legato 18.05 and VM Ubuntu 18.04


Hello All,

This morning I work with the VM Ubuntu 18.04.

I have build the latest image for MangOH Red and WP76 with legato 18.05 (make red_wp76xx )

After install the image, the mangOH Red restart 3 times and rollback to original legato (18.03).

I do the same with the Legato 18.04 and it’s OK.
But I have very bad experience with this build this morning.

I have a apps who work perfectly with WP7607 R9 firmware and original legato (18.03).
When I move to mangoOH Red build with legato 18.04, my apps don’t receive “setting command” from AirVantage.

In debug, I place a break point in my setting handler and nothing append.

see the log from portal:


When I go back to orginal legato, my apps work perfectly.
Source code is the same. I use it on WP8548 and legato 17.11 without any problem.


Here a source code example

#define SETTING_DATAPUSH_INTERVAL "sensorMonitor.set.interval.dataPush"

static void dataPushIntervalHandler
const char* path,
le_avdata_AccessType_t accessType,
le_avdata_ArgumentListRef_t argumentList,
void* contextPtr
le_avdata_GetInt(path, &dataPushInterval);
LE_DEBUG(“Receive new dataPush interval value : %d”, dataPushInterval);

le_avdata_SetNamespace (LE_AVDATA_NAMESPACE_GLOBAL);
le_avdata_AddResourceEventHandler(SETTING_DATAPUSH_INTERVAL, dataPushIntervalHandler, NULL);

In my manifest.app

<node default-label="Settings" path="set">
						<setting default-label="dataGen interval" path="interval.dataGen" type="int"/>
						<setting default-label="dataPush interval" path="interval.dataPush" type="int"/>
						<setting default-label="posPush interval" path="interval.posPush" type="int"/>
						<setting default-label="posChange interval" path="interval.posChange" type="int"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 1 BLE Address" path="sensor01.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 2 BLE Address" path="sensor02.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 3 BLE Address" path="sensor03.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 4 BLE Address" path="sensor04.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 5 BLE Address" path="sensor05.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 6 BLE Address" path="sensor06.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 7 BLE Address" path="sensor07.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 8 BLE Address" path="sensor08.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 9 BLE Address" path="sensor09.bleAdd" type="string"/>
						<setting default-label="Sensor 10 BLE Address" path="sensor10.bleAdd" type="string"/>