le_audio_Mute not working

Hello, for our application on mangoh yellow + wp7611 chip, we are making phone calls and playing audio to the number we are calling. We are streaming the received response offboard for voice to text. We use the 3.5mm jack to listen in and sometimes talk to the far end(in special circumstances), but we are facing an issue whereby we would like to mute the input from the modem headset microphone 95% of the time. There are legato api’s for this functionality but it appears that even after calling le_audio_Mute, the microphone input is still being heard.

The majority of the core audio connection handling in our app is what was specified in voiceCallApp.c in the legato sample apps showing how to implement a voicecall and playback audio using legato. I used 2 approaches to try and get rid of the microphone audio:

The first was to simply comment out line 234 ( FeInRef = le_audio_OpenMic(); ) and then remove references to FeInRef as its not needed anymore. But when making calls after the change, I can still hear myself when leaving myself a voicemail so I know that audio connection is there.

The second change was to call le_audio_Mute(FeInRef) but that hasn’t helped either.

NOTE: To get the 3.5mm jack working we did perform this change as suggested in other forum post: Audio Playback Mangoh Yellow + WP7611 - #9 by asyal

I’m not sure if this setting impacts our ability to mute or not. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

have you tried AT!AVMute or the AT+CMUT command to make sure the mute function is working first?

Thank you I can try this. I checked the AT command user guide, but i have a question: How do I know what profile to use? I have not set any profiles in my code, so should i just change profile 1? Or do I need to see what profile is active?

On my module I see the following option:
!AVMUTE: (0-9),(0-1),(0-1)[,(0-1)]

Looking in the help manual, I also see that audio profile is for Circuit switched calls. ATT sunset this feature with 3G and now they use VOLTE exclusively. What does this mean for audio profiles?

!AVSETPROFILE Select/configure audio profile for CS call

I tried this before on mangoh board:



Thanks so much. I confirmed that by default the modem is using audio profile 5 and I can mute both the headset speaker and microphone using AT command. I see there is only a way to call the le_audio_mute api with a streamRef. How can I achieve the same with a legato api call as my application is sandboxed?

You can have a look on this test app, i saw there is mute function inside

Thanks, let me take a look at this sample app and if it can be of use for debugging. Thanks!