Latest yocto version download?

Hi all! I want to do a porting of my project on the latest version of legato. I need to modify a yocto file, because I need to enable CAN bus drivers and functions. So I have to re-download yocto, since I’m using the FW version 13 compatible one:
So I went on sierra wireless webpage:

I have two problems:

  1. The latest yocto seems to be compatible with legato 19.11.2…could be in your opinion it be compatible with the latest one that is 20.08.0?
  2. When I click on SWI yo download yocto, the link doesn’t work and so I can’t download it ( unlike what happened two months ago when I downloaded the old version of yocto)

    Do you think this is feasible? And if that link doesn’t work, where can I find the latest version of yocto? Any help will be appreciated, thanks to all

You can download by leaf tool

Uhm…I install leaf through Visual Studio Code, where I’m developing my project. I wanted to download only yocto in order to add can utilities (I remember that I did it for FW v 13)

did you follow the link to download?

I am using wp7607 module

you can still download source code for Wp76 by LEAF

Sorry @jyijyi I installed leaf, but I don’t understand where I can find yocto folder…I remember that it take about 3hours to be downloaded…

is this one, right?

you can see here:

I think the latest one should be R16:

Okay @jyijyi , it’s an xml file and I don’t know how to manage it.
alternatively, i think i spotted it from the leaf folder, but i don’t know how to download it and which command to use …

Ok as I understand it can not be done. The site is still down after months and I can’t do otherwise. I think I remain on the old FW version. What a bad experience working with this HW! :expressionless:

Hi @gavinoimparato1

You can try using Github:

And download the source code directly with repo.

Best regards

I apologize if the question may seem very ignorant, but I tried to follow the instructions of this topic, I could not. I can’t get to that yocto folder which took about half an hour to download and three hours to install. By chance somewhere the steps on how to do this installation are better explained, since direct download from the site is not possible?


I followed the instructions from:
GitHub Legato
without using Leaf.


I obtain this error, so I can’t go ahead :frowning:


Do you have access to : ?



Guys, please, would you be so grateful to tell me step by step how to download yocto, since the site doesn’t work (but then, why hasn’t it been working for months?). I urgently need to use FW release 16. Thank you

@jyijyi I’m trying to install by using leaf, but I obtain this error:

What am I wrong?

Have you been to: